Pillow Candy was selected as a featured local maker at West Elm!

Mary and Holly Roscoe are a mother daughter duo from Alpharetta, Georgia. The Roscoes are an Army Reserve family (HOOAH!) still living in their starter home—17 years after moving in. In other words, Tiny House before Tiny House was cool.
Like so many others, Mary and Holly like to decorate for the holidays. But after going overboard on several occasions (four Christmas trees? In a 1,800 square foot house?), they learned that “what goes up, must come down”. After too many trips to the storage locker, they made it their mantra to invest in low-maintenance, high-impact décor that would transition from season-to-season. The inspiration for Pillow Candy came after they hung little seasonal glass ornaments on their chandelier to change the look for Valentine’s Day. It was such a little thing but it made them very happy.
That got them thinking: accent pillows are THE key accessory when it comes to transforming a room. Everybody loves them, and most people have plenty of them! One boring January day they attempted to cure their winter blues by cutting a heart out of a scrap felt and attaching it to a pillow with leftover Christmas ribbon. It was sloppy and floppy but it was cute. They knew they were onto something. That Christmas, they presented a few hard-to-buy-for/already-have-everything friends and family members with their first seasonal shape samples. The response was incredible.
Eighteen months later—Pillow Candy was born.